Martin Logan Motion 4 "stands?"

My main listening system is built around Merlin speakers, but I wanted a simple audio setup for an area near a fireplace. To the right is a TV and it's own audio BOY, was I starved for room. No room for even a small set of conventional speakers and wall space was also a factor.

I was about to buy Focal Domes or some other tiny speaker when I stumbled across a set of Martin Logan Motion 4's. I was really shocked at how good they are playing with a little Dynamo sub. So I thought I'd get little adjustable height stands, mate them to an even better sub, a tube amp and be happy! here's the actual question: Is anyone making a stand that works well for this type of micro monitor. I'm shocked that ML doesn't have anything. I see a lot of those stands that use a single screw and rod to support the speaker. That's fine, but is there something that's known to be "good?"

Thanks for any help!