Martin logan Impression 11a


I have a new pair of ML Impession 11a's

Has anyone had a problem with the panel not playing?
I had 2 panel boards replaced under warranty in same speaker within a year.

It's not my amp as the other speaker is fine!

It lasted about 8 months after first board was replaced.
I just got a new one to put in.

Thanks george
I haven’t read about anyone else having this problem. You need to talk to your dealer or ML about finding out what is causing the panel to fail. It sounds like there is some problem that may continue to cause panels to fail until you’re out of warranty.
$10 MSRP speakers...I would be making friends with the customer service guy who answers the phone and making sure your case is documented in their system.

Good to hear they honored warranty so far, but I'd be concerned. It could just be a fluke, and no more worries.