Martin Logan HT-What pre-pro amp

I've got a pair of ML Aerius i's and will be buying the ML Cinema Center, rears are up in the air but I may be able to get a pair of Aerius at a good price.

Question is what would mate well to the Logans. They are very revealing and in my experience don't care for "forward" or "bright" sounding electronics.

I've heard them with Bryston and Levinson and they have performed well. I'd like to spend about 3K used for both pieces. Have considered Classe SSP25 and CAV150. However I'm worried aboout the SSP25's reported inability to lock quickly onto digital inputs (1 second delay). If I use a HDTV Sat. receiver, this could be unuseable when changing channels.

Does anybody know if Classe ever addressed this problem. I've heard all kinds of hearsay on the net.

Any other Logans freaks out there-what do you use, what works for you?
I have SL3s and a Logos in front hooked to an Audio Refinement amp and a Classe SSP25! I bought some Maggies for the rear right now - I plan on moving the SL3s to the rear eventually and getting Ascents or Odysseys in the front along with a better 2ch amp for the mains. Getting married in March though so you know the story. . .

I don't have any problems with the Classe whatsoever, it is a very good piece. I notice a small delay when switching tracks while playing a CD (through my DVD player which is going through the TosLink) but it's not anything you can't deal with.

Good luck!
I have a SSP-25 and use a Mitshubishi HDTV tuner and have experienced no problems. I used to have Martin Logan CLS IIs. I used Bryston 7BSTs and it worked great. The Martin Logans need lots of current. I do not use the SSP 25 for audio. I have a resolution cd 55 and connect it directly to the amp. The SSP 25 does not have the audio pre amp section.
I meant to say not a very good audio pre amp section.
I would suggest sunfire theater grand 2 and cinema 5ch amp, this combo for the money is world class, dont let anybody tell you its not. gayle sanders uses a cinema for his rears and center, 600krell for the mains. I use two sunfire signatures for my mains. statement 2s, and a cinema sig for center,theater and rear prodigys, ive had levinson336 in the system the sunfires were better in my system for my preferred sound. would like to try some big krells but havent been able to.
Try the bat vk200, that's what i use w/my aerius i. And it performs very well. good luck pete