Martin Logan Expression 13 - setup question

I have always had a soft spot for M-L speakers (owned the Quest Z and the Ascent) . I am tempted by the current Expression 13 but I have a challenge with the setup. Because of the depth of the woofer enclosure, I would have to put them within inches of the front wall. Has anyone had any experience with putting these speakers close to the front wall? If so, what was your experience with the rear-firing woofer? And If not, how big of a space did you have to leave between the rear of the Expression's woofer enclosure and the wall? Thanks for any input..

My alternative would be to get a pair of used Summit X, or to stick with more conventional options (Wilson, B&W).


Seems like a waste of nice speaker not being able to get them out in the room to breath

Rear wall damping is recommended too. They should still sound nice, just not optimized to their potential.

I have a pair of Theo's 7 feet out. One of these days I'll graduate to BiG panels-Soundlabs.

I also have a pair of Impression 11A's in a 12/14 feet room connected to another small 12 / 3 feet space. The speakers are placed on the long wall and the back driver is about 20 cm (8 inches) away from wall. Absorption on this wall is crucial, not too much and not too little, but the sound is good and, unlike other users, I didn't like the speakers too much when away from the wall, the sound gets too thin IME. So in my opinion placing the speakers close to the front wall should not be a problem provided the above mentioned rule (no closer to the rear wall than the diameter of the woofer) is observed and damping the wall is possible.


On the other hand, I didn't like what the ARC room correction did to the dynamics or overall tonal balance: bass became much too rounded, with an almost nonexistant leading edge or tactility and generally speaking much too subdued (I\m not a basshead, mainly classical and jazz listener). Hope it helps!

Thank you all for the inputs, that is very helpful. Might have to stick with Summit X (no rear-firing woofer and slightly shallower base unit) if I want to satisfy my ML craving :)

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