Martin Logan Ethos speakers

I have a pair of Martin Logan Ethos speakers that need to be plugged in for the electrostatic panel and the bass amp to work.  I also have a Shunyata power conditioner.  I recently acquired a pair of Shunyata power cords to use on the Ethos.  Here's my problem:  the power cords are only 4 feet long which means my speakers can only be 8 feet apart if I plug them into the power conditioner.  My room is very small (11' x 15') so I don't know that it's a problem.  But I was wondering whether I would be better off spreading the speakers a few more inches apart and plugging them directly into the wall?

What do you think?
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I don't think plugging your speakers into the wall would be a problem as the electricity would only be used to charge the stators and run the bass amp.  The musical signal comes from your amp.   I would try them both ways to see if one way sounded better though.

Considerations for positioning include distance from front wall and side walls, and your distance from the speakers, which should be a little further than the distance between the speakers.

How are you going to set them up in your 11' X 15' room?  On which wall, etc.  With a little more information we could probably help you more.

Those are nice speakers.  Enjoy them!

Thanks, tomcy6.  I do enjoy the Martin Logans!

I currently have the speakers set up on the short wall 8' apart.  They are about 1.5 feet from the side walls and about 3' from the front wall. I sit about 9' away from the speakers.

Well, it sounds like you’ve got them plugged into the power conditioner and the recommended distance from the front wall, so that’s good. I would only suggest that you try something to diffuse the first reflection off the sidewalls and the reflection from the wall behind your head.  You can find the first reflection point by sitting in your listening spot and having someone move a mirror along the wall until you can see your speaker in the mirror.  You can use a quilt or something to see if it improves the sound before laying out any money for room treatments. By absorbing those reflections you may hear a clearer more detailed sound, or not. It’s worth a try.

Also try putting a pillow or two in the corners behind the speakers to see if that makes the bass sound tighter and less boomy.


All good ideas. Thank you!