Martin Logan Don t Rock

I own a pair of Martin Logan SL3 speakers. For vocals they are amazing. For Jazz they are impressive, but for rock they stink. I have decided to look for new speakers which have the clarity and imaging of the Martin Logans, but can play a better variety of music. I am looking to spend $3,000 - $6,000 for a used pair of speakers. My room is fairly large (15'Wide x 30'Deep). I suspect the speakers will have to be fairly large to completely fill the room with sound.

Any suggestions?
C'Berry, What amp are you using? Even with my little o'l Aerius in a small room it took Proceed HPA2 ( 250 watt dual mono amp ) to make them rock. But in a room your size maybe the SL3 is just not big enough? You might want to audition the new Odessey. Or if you want to go dynamic see if you can find a used set of Aerial 10t's, they will rock. Good luck.
If you like the floor to ceiling and wall to wall (and beyond) sound staging of a properly set up panel speaker, I can highly recommend Apogee Duetta Signatures or Divas with a good sub that has a good high pass filter for the panels (such as a Velodyne FSR or HGS 15 or 18). You can also use a good outboard electronic x-over like the Marchand. Replacement drivers, ribbons and servicing are now available for Apogees, so don't be shy about snapping up one of these beauties while their price is still low. And yes, when properly fed, they will ROCK. Duetta Sigs go for about $1800-2000 while Divas will fetch $3000-4000.
audio artistry dvorak. used and appearing every so often on Gon for 3k, give or take. a buddy has similiar room diamentions, listens at abnormally high volume levels and they rock. the towers are super. kurt
Like no money said the 10t's do rock. But what are you using for an amp w/your SL3's. I have tried many amps with my aerius i's and your right they don't rock, UNLESS properly feed. That may be your problem. It's all in the pre amp/amp that makes these Martins rock. I've even tried 250 watt amps that did not make the Martins rock. So finally someone told me about the BAT gear and I auditioned a bat vk200 only a 100watts and now my Martins rock. The vk200 out performed all of the big amps I tried, including the grand signature, AR, classe, meridian and many more. Yes I was very picky on my search, the above amps seemed to polite for my martins, but the bat just controlled the martins and made them perform like never before. The vk 3i is the ultimate match with the vk 200 and martins. Good luck to you and I hope you find what you in search of. pete
Try to hear the Innersound Eros, an electrostat hybrid (bass is via a dynamic driver in a transmission line). They are $6K new. I had them in the house for an evening a couple of weeks ago. They did a lot of very impressive things, but the capper was when we put on Joan Osborne's Relish. These speakers ROCK and they keep it together at high volume in an uncanny fashion. We were dumbstruck. Since you have electrostatics now, the Innersounds should be on your short list.
Thanks for the input.

I was planning on auditioning the Ariel 10t's. A buddy has a pair that he plans on bringing over next weekend.

For those who inquired about amplification, here is a list of my components:

EAD PowerMaster 2000 (400 watts/channel)
Audio Research LS-15 for 2 channel
Integra Research RDC-7 for Home Theater
EAD TheaterVision P (CD & DVD)
Synergistic Research Looking Glass II Interconnects
Pure Silver Connection PRISTINE R50 bi-wired Speaker Cables

I suspect that part of my problem is that my listening room (the family room) opens up to the kitchen, which actually makes the room 15'Wide x 60'Deep. Perhaps, with no opposing wall the speakers have no way to bounce the sound off the walls to fill the room.

Again, thanks for the comments. Any other thoughts please let me know.

Logans DO rock. You need to try the new Ascent they blow the sl3s away in every aspect I had the sl3s and sold them and bought the ascents. They finally got the base to intergrate with the panel. I listen to dream theater queensryke metallica etc. And it sounds much better on the ascents.
I have to agree with Drubin on the InnerSound Eros. They can sustain higher dB levels than the MLs and sound fabulous. And they will do so with less input power than the MLs because they are more efficient. I've auditioned most of the ML line and never warmed up to any of them. The Eros not only play loud, they make music. Rock on!
Minalt, I agree with you on the sl3's, I did not like them and bought the aerius i's and am very happy with them. Lev335 has the ascents and loves them also, eventually I will try them, but I'm leaning more to cls2 with 2 subs for music. Just have to find the right subs. Maybe the vandy's 2wq or the storm III. Pete
I lived with ReQuests for 3 years. Drove 'em with everything from Levinson ML3 to 333 to Classe M-1000 monoblocks and Levinson 33H. They don't rock.

10t's rock, and classical. 10t's very demanding of what's in front, but very rewarding as well.

Next speakers to go around here: The Logan SL3's I use as rear surrounds. Soon I'll be logan-free, and a happy man!

This is my experience with Logans, yours may vary. If you enjoy them, that's great! This post is not intended to be a Logan flamefest, but my personal experience!

Peace and good listening to all,'s all about the musuc.