Martin Logan Descent subwoofer

I purchased a Descent subwoofer and it was damaged in shipping. The front and 1 side grill were both damaged. The front grill can no longer be used, it rattles when the sub is operational. Martin Logan no longer makes the front grill, and politely avoided answering this question when asked. The shipper wants to know the value of the sub. I would rate it a 4/10 on the Agon scale. Im asking for your opinions since this is where I would have to resell the sub. The item was insured, and the shipper has refused to pay until I can provide a fair market value of the sub. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
there are 4 for sale here, print it out for the shipper and take an average.
Thanks for your response Kenscollick, but the 4 subs listed are not damaged.
How much did you pay or the Descent?
Cruzr, according to the AudiogoN policies, this is the seller's problem, not yours. Here is the link directly from AudiogoN:

What if an item is damaged in shipping?

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Thanks for your response Kenscollick, but the 4 subs listed are not damaged.

Well wasnt yours NOT damaged before the shipper got a hold of them. You should do what Kennesollick said. Also the seller sold it to you for a price. That should be the 'insured value'.

Since the seller is asking you for a fair market value (sounds like a real bonehead) tell him/her retail value and go from there. I smell some real negative feedback.

Also keep all the shipping material to show the shipper if and when a claim is submitted
The shipper is the one who wants to know what the value of the sub is after the damage, so they can deduct it from what it was insured for. The shipper has given us the run around, not the seller.
If I were you, I'd tell the shipper I wanted a full refund, and let him deal with the shipping 'clean up'. The value of the sub after the shipping damage is of no concern to you. It's the shipper's problem.
Let him file the claim with the shipper, and they may want to come to your house to inspect. However, he should refund you the full purchase price, and then he and the shipping company can haggle over the insurance while you are out shopping for a new subwoofer. After you get your refund, and he has filed the insurance claim, the carrier will probably pick the sub up and send it back to him to send out for repairs. THEN he will know the value of the subwoofer.

That's the way the AudiogoN policy is written anyway.

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Hi Cruzr:

Were you ever successful in finding a front grill? I also have the Descent, which works great, but frankly has a poorly designed front grill.

I am looking for one also so would be curious as to any solutions you may have found.