Martin-Logan Comparison

Has anyone compared the Prodigy to the Odyssey? Is is possible that the 8" forward woofer in the Odyssey mates better to the electrostatic panel than the Prodigy's larger driver? I ended up buying the Odysseys, but my dealer couldn't perform a direct comparison. The dealer was non-commital.
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Yes I have compared them and the Odyssey's sound better in ALL respects. In fact a very good friend of mine who manages the local hi end store in town, recently went to Martin Logan for the tour, and dinner at Gale Sanders house afterwords. Gale told them that they were surprised how good the Odyssey's sounded. They had no intention of building a new speaker costing almost four thousand dollars less than their prodigy's that actually sounded better, but that's exactly what happend. It seems they learned a lot of the prodigys misgivings and corrected them in the Odyssey's. I went in with all intentions of buying the prodigy's, but after doing several side by side comparisons, it was quite apparent which speaker was the best. In fact, since the Odyssey came out, this dealer has sold only five pairs of prodigys (some people just think if it cost more it must be better) compared to thiry two pairs of Odyssey's. And a lot of those Odyssey sales where people like myself that went in with every intention of buying the prodigys. You made the correct decision. I hope your enjoying them as much as I am. I have them in our theater, with the Martin Logan Theater center, and Aerius i's in the rear. I use Krell Amplifiers and a Krell Home Theater Standard Processor.
I traded a pair of Quad 989s for the Odysseys mainly because my wife hated the Quad look. I thought I might be sorry but so far I really am enjoying them and the extra money in my pocket. I was thinking Prodogy at first but liked the Odyssey after hearing them in my room. The only speaker that I have owned that I possibly liked better were the Legacy Whispers. If there is a speaker I miss it would be those.
I read this post with a slight sigh of relief.

I also own the Odyssey's , but ALWAYS wondered if the Prodigy's were any better, in ANY area (other than the obvious deep bass). I really wanted the Prodigy's, but just couldn't swing the cabbage for 'em.

Having owned 3 other Logan speakers, with the last being the reQuests, I'm still wondering if the slightly wider panel on the Prodigy (& reQuest) might have a little warmer midrange & better side-to-side image spread?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Odyssey's , but just always feel like the midrange, especially on trumpet, PERHAPS isn't quite as "true to life" that it seemed to be on my now gone reQuests.

Also stands to reason that the larger panel on the Prodigy's would handle more power and have slightly better dynamics?

Maybe the Odysseys' are just more accurate?

What's your thoughts SIMANCD?
Denf - Having owned the Quest Z's and also the Legacy Whispers I still do not hear as good a midrange with the Odysseys as I believe I have had with the Z's and that I know I had with the Whispers. Still there is a very good balance in the Odysseys and speed that seemed lacking with the Z's. When I compared the sound of the Prodigy to the REquest in the Dealers room I felt that the Request did as good a job in some areas if not better but the dealer kept saying that the Request had an "old" sound about it. I do agree that the Odyssey is more accurate than the other ML"s discussed.
Hello,I guess I must be deaf,I have owned the sequels,Quest-z and now bought the Prodigy's.I've heard all the M-L products except the Statements and love the Prodigy's.I have a tube amp so I don't know if that is the reason these speakers work so well for me.Maybe they don't sell as many Prodigy's as others because of cost?Which M-L product got product of the year in more than 1 publication than this speaker?I guess they are deaf also.Just my opinion for what it's worth,Bob