Martin Logan CLX or 15A- any idea of % discount from official dealer?

If i start negotiating on Martin Logan CLX or 15A- any idea of % discount from official dealer? Please PM me if anyone has input. I don't want it public as I don't think that would be fair.....

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Surely Some AG have bought these??
I guess no love for ML...
Just curious, I love the CLX but it's lack of bass. I've now heard and lust for the Sanders 10e system. Have you ever heard them?
 Not yet But i am going to axpona!  Cannot wait to hear them. I demoed the 15a  i like them a lot. So you liked Sander, wpuld you mind explaing what you like and why? Pm me if you want. Thanks!!
I'm not one to describe sound the best BUT once heard you will know what I mean. They are super fast and detailed without being etched sounding. Yes they have a smaller sweet spot but then again most speakers do unless you go for omni's. Since 95% of the time we listen by ourselves that's not a concern for me.
Take a look at the review done by Robert Greene in TAS that gives a great explanation of the speaker. 
Glad they will be at Axpona, enjoy!
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I would contact Albert at
Do you listen to any rock?

If so be sure to include that in your Martin Logan demo and then think long and hard about your purchase.
emcdade61 yes i do listen to rock for example dream theater, porcupine tree. The 15a will rock for me, the CLX i want to hear only with subs (pair) which i think are a must. The 15a will play as loud as I need (up 96db), not sure on the CLX until i can demo in next few weeks.

I have read the Sanders 10e will definitely rock.
Oh yes the Sanders can rock!