Martin Logan CLSII buzzing

I need some help. I am begining to get a buzzing sound from one of my clsII panels. I took a good look at the panel and found where it was coming from. One of the baffles (the 2x6in things behind the mesh on the back side) is detached. Has anyone had this problem and how can you fix it? I thought about putting a drop of superglue on them and vacuuming it against the panel. Will this work? At $800 dollars a pair, I really can't afford to replace the panels right now.
call ML and talk top jim their service manager. Hes a great guy and he'll help you.
All of my logans have done this before. All you have to do is unplug them for 48 hours. Once discharged you can vacuum the panels. Good luck.

Great advice.

Also, there is a Martin Logan Owners group site.

Great forum and lots of helpful people