Martin Logan bought by Shoreview

Sad news, I really hope there will be support for current Logan owners, and that Martin Logan keeps making great speakers. Though, this makes things less sure.

Martin Logan bought out
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Sad news. There is no way they will matian ML's legendary customer service.
Oh boy here comes a ML/Paradigm hybrid.............
This is very sad!I praised this company(martin logan),now it seems they just sold out(first this,now best buy)to the mighty dollar and forgot about the good customers they have gained over the years.
to be fair ML just issued a statement saying that Shoreview is an investment company with no involvement in the day to day operations, see
However it did not say Gayle was was still calling the shots. it mereley stated that they maintantaned the same engineering team and thier mission was still the same. Shoreviews infulx of capital will allow them to explore new products. Blah,blah,blah...we heard it all before. Whatever happens I don't feel Gayle let us down. 25 years of service is fine. He can retire if he wants to.
Time will tell. But it does not lot good IMO.