Martin Logan Ascents -what rear speakers match?

My system configuration:
SimAudio 7 channel titan
EAD theatermaster 8800pro
EAD DVDmaster 8000 pro
Acoustic zen silver reference ICs to all channels
What I am looking for is some rear speakers, a center channel and subwoofer.
the only speaker that I have heard recently is the Aerial Acoustic subwoofer.
Opinions please - thanks to everyone who responds
Have you looked at the ML line? Scripts for surrounds, the Theater or Cinema center, and a range of subs... All matched to the ML sound...
I forgot to add the room is 25 by 32 ft with a few openings and I am using the
ascents. does the "i" make a difference.
I did not care much for the scripsts.
I have not listened to the center channel speakers that you listed.
thanks to Edesilva
I have CLS IIz's up front with Vandersteen 2wq subs. On the sides, I have scripts and have found them to match quite well. You might want to check out B&G Radia speakers. The ribbon tweeter blends well with the speed of electrostats. I have a Radia LCR in the rear center and it has worked out well.

I used to have ML Aerius i mains, Cinema center and (still have) Stylos rears, along with a REL Storm sub. These all worked great together, though I occasionally found the Cinema to be the first speaker in the bunch to show any strain during big HT dynamics.

Just like you, I use an EAD TheaterMaster Pro-series pre/pro and Sim Titan amp, now running Talon front & center speakers, a REL Stadium III sub and the ML Stylos rears. I actually have a deposit on a DVDMaster 8000Pro player, so I could REALLY use your advice about it's potential as an all-encompassing disc source and its synergy with a TM processor and Sim amp, especially using the analog pass-thru of the TM.

Anyway, the Stylos rears are superior to the Scripts, but are also way too rare to suggest you wait around for a set of those. The Stylos was basically a full-sized Aerius re-designed to be mounted on the side walls w/swivel mounts. They stick out only 6 inches from the wall, but are 6-feet tall, and were very expensive ($2800) when new. So I guess your best bet would be to consider either some self-standing ML's in the rear (like a set of Aeons) or the Scripts if you need wall-mounted units.

To match your front speaks, I would recommend the Theater model instead of the Cinema if you have the room for this beasty-large center speaker and the funds to layout for one. It is probably one of the best centers made, and has the timbre-matching and dynamic headroom to coordinate with your Ascents. And the convex-instead-of-concave stat panel shape increases the size of the center's dispersion pattern over the Cinema, giving you a larger sweet-spot for HT/m-chnl audio.

As for subs, I have gone through 5 models from M&K, REL, Martin Logan Descent, Talon and now back to REL. The Stadium III just seems too versatile and seamless to ignore since it works great with BOTH the LFE output of the EAD processor *AND* the 2-channel output of my Sim amp (via a speaker-level sampling tap). This is extra-important for me as I use a separate 2-channel tube preamp for Redbook stereo playback, and need one sub that could interface with BOTH my HT pre/pro and my 2-channel setup at once.

In my situation, it is basically like snapping on the missing bottom octave to the base of my front speakers - that is all. It can be tuned to act as subtle or as overt as you want it to be in either situation...
Timinwi - Off topic but what do you think of your TM8800pro. After getting through the initial bugs...I LOVE MINE!!!
Like you I am getting through some but not others.
I love this preamp
Maybe you can help me
I have connected the preamp outputs with 7 acoustic zen silver reference II xlr 1 meter interconnects to my 7 channel simaudio titan.
when the preamp goes into standby mode about 2 minutes later the titan shuts down which I don't want to happen.
Simaudio suggest stated Based on your description, the cause of the problem is most likely not
your Titan, but rather your pre-pro which is putting out DC-type noise through its interconnects. Since the Titan is one of very few amplifiers on the market today that are fully DC-coupled, it will pick up the noise and shut down. We recommend having your processor checked
out by an authorized service technician for DC leakage on turn-on and turn-off. A diagnostic you can do yourself is to test the combo with RCA cables instead of balanced (or the other way around) - if the problem goes away it again suggests a problem with a power supply or analog stage of your pre-pro.

DO you believe this answer from Simadio?
what problems are you encountering?

since this is a DC

Since you don't care for the Scripts - how about the Scenario,
or possibly the Aeon?

Ideally, one should have speakers that match in timbre and
character - so that when sounds "pan" from one speaker to
another - as an object moves - the characteristics of the
sound don't change because different speakers are involved.

The closest match to your ML Ascents will be other speakers
by Martin Logan. Start at the bottom of the lineup and
work your way up - until you find something you do like.

Dr. Gregory Greenman