Martin Logan Ascents & REL Storm Set-up, HELP

I recently purchased an REL Storm from another member at Audiogon. I've been playing around with it for a couple of days and rather than spend weeks on this, I'd thought I'd turn to A'gon for help. For those of you who tired or have this set-up, what crossover point have you set the REL. I know there are many variables such as room etc. However, I just want a starting point and go from there. Thanks!
I'd try 40Hz to start. I too own a pair of Ascents and just the other day was looking to add a REL storm into the system. You know what they say about great minds :^)
What's that Glen, that we spend more time time on our stereo systems than we really should? Seriously, thanks for the reply and good luck. So far I like the Storm, but this ABC thing can be tweekers heaven or hell.
I don't know your speakers, but generally it is better to have the frequency cut-off on the low side and the volume turned up; rather than having a high frequency setting at lower volume. It is usually fine to have some gap between the low point of your speakers and the sub cut-off. Try filling in the bass by turning up the volume instead of raising the cut-off.
I don't know the ascents, but I own a REL strata and I have found that you should set the crossover frequency to about 10Hz below the rolloff frequency of the mains, and fine tune from there. If this ends up being at 30Hz or below then you may feel that this is ridiculously low, but most REL owners seem to be using a very low crossover frequency ... around the 30Hz region.

I think it is due to the relatively slow roll off which REL uses to overlap with the main speakers and give a more integrated sound.

I'm crossing with Spica Angelus main speakers. 40Hz sounded awful, 30Hz much better and 27Hz is just great.

Another thing I found is that it sounds terrible with the REL anywhere near the corner of the room. I ended up with the REL near the placement which cardas suggests for the main speakers. This is far out into the room, and rather in the way, but really reduces any overhang from the bass, making it much tighter.

Persist and I think you'll be rewarded.

Sean. This might very well be your room, because a lot of the REL literature I've seen states that they design their subs to go in the corner. I agree with moving it around to find the best place. The almost infinite settings on the REL should mean you could put it in a lot of places and adjust accordingly.
A small correction ... their literature says that because of low crossover frequencies their subs are capable of being corner located. They don't say that you get the best sound from doing this.

I agree that I may have a bad room, but I cannot believe ANY sub will sound its best in a corner, unless the room is gigantic ... you would never put a main speaker in a corner for the same reasons ... you excite room resonances.
You are actually right on Sean. I discuss this a while back with distributor Sumiko and REL dealer Ambrosia Audio; and they generally found it easiest to integrate the REL subs in the corner with a low setting. They said the setting had to be raised as they moved the REL away from the corner. Low Bass is felt more than heard; so putting the REL in the corner helps fill the room with low bass in part by using the room's resonance. The bass seems more directional to me out in the room.

If you have an old house with more flexible floors and/or hardwood floors, the corner may be too much.