Martin Logan Ascents and Rowland

Anybody have any direct experience with matching the M-Ls with Rowland amplifiers? All comments are appreciated.
Dtwomey, both manufacturers claim that their products are compatible, but both add the caution that they are not familiar with the other's specific product. I was hoping that the Audiogon community could provide a little more critical insight. To your point, the manufacturers are a good starting point.
My old system consisted of An Audio Research SP14 and Rowland Model 7 monoblocks, playing thru ML Sequel II's. I thought it sounded pretty darn good at the time. I never again heard such control of those speakers with any other amp. I changed to Audio Research's classic 120's. I'm sure there will be someone else who owns these two pieces, who can chime in?
In response to Statman...I own Rowland gear, and a lot of it. Some people say it's a bit mellow; I don't find that at all...but MLs tend towards brightness, especially the hybrids with lesser amps. If you don't already own MLs, check out the Sound Labs...A3s or A1s or even U1s...with a pair of Rowland 7s the sound is positively jaw-dropping. I'm not surprised Statman changed to ARs, I used to have them (Classic 60s) and they sounded rolled-off to me...a nice compliment to MLs though.
Well the Rowland gear is GREAT I own a pair of Ascents and run it with a Mark Levinson 335 power amp and a Mark Levinson 39 cdplayer and it sounds great. I didnt care for the rowland Martin Logan combo but they are both great products. And it is all up to your ears not mine or anyone elses. Good luck. I might be selling my Ascents if anyone is interested? They are 5 weeks old. I am moving into a smaller room. They are one of the best speakers to come from Martin Logan yet.