Martin Logan Ascent question - Please Help

I am looking at a pair of supposedly almost new ML Ascents. One of them had part of the Mylar sheeting bunched up. Will this effect the sound? and Is there A way I can correct this problem? I can get a good deal on them but what good is it if they wont sound right. Thanks
i would think that the mylar being bunched up would affect the sound . i would check to see if there was any warranty first. otherwise call logan to see what that panel cost. good luck.
Kirk's advice is good. Martin Logan sells their panels at reasonable prices. Get the serial numbers off the panels before you call, they may be in warranty (although it does not sound like a manufacturing defect to me) or you may only need to replace the one panel. Jim Powers at Martin Logan can tell you for sure.
I own a pair of Ascents and agree with the others. Plan on having the panels replaced. You should be able to factor that into the purchase price if the seller is reasonable. It almost sounds like they were exposed to some extreme heat.
Thanks guys.I just purchased the Ascents from A dealer that is giving up the line. Hope to hear them in a few days. Purchased Ascents up front and scrips for rear. Now looking for center channel and a good sub.
Rd1: I would highly recommend the cinema center channel. I have the Logos, but in some respects I think the Cinema is better, particularly for your setup. Obviously, it's well matched for your speakers.
Do you think the THEATER center is that much better than the cinema? Double?
Just had a panel replaced on an Aerius i which is good. However.....

when I hooked her up, the new panel overpowered the other speaker throwing the balance way off. My dealer feared that that would be the case thus my other speaker gets a new panel tomorrow.

Fortunately, I bought his demos and will now have a 'new' set of speakers two years later.

Bottom line in my experience? Replace panels in pairs.