Martin Logan Aerius with ARC tubes?

I have a very small listening room, 10 x 12 with an ARC Ref1, VPI TNT, ARC D130, ARC Ref Phone and am considering the ML's. I listen to mostly jazz and some rock vinyl.
Anybody have any thoughts?
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Check into the new ML Aeon which is replacing the Aerius i - either way your room size is perfect for a full and clear sound from either with the tubes. I have a pair of original Aerius in a similar sized room and use them with a EAR 534 tube amp 50wpc. Sounds so good!
I have a small room and am using the Audio Research D-130 and LS-3 preamp with Martin Logan Aerius i. This combination is fantastic. Even my Martin Logan dealer who is a big Krell dealer admitted that this was some of the best sound he had heard with ML.
check out Balanced Audio w/ MLs. I power ascents with a VK60. Sounds great.
ML with tubes? Hmm, I never seriously considered it with my 70w/ch tube amp. If anyone can elaborate on how they sound compared to driving the ML with a hefty SS amp, I'd love to know more. The Aerius sized speakers would fit nicely in my listening room. I'm currently using Thiel CS 1.5's.
I have had great success with ML Aerius driven by an old ARC D-115 and a CJ Premier 14. The ARC replaced a CJ MV55. The new combination is really strong and layered with beautiful bass and midrange. I also use a Mirage sub. I am relly happy with this setup.