Martin Logan Aerius i or Vandersteen 2Ce ???

Thinking about adding a set of speakers to a spare room...not large, maybe 20 ft square by 8 mostly low to hear Barbra Streisand inhale when singing Pretty Women (ok, some can't stand her singing but...) so what I like is detail...not sure I'll miss the bass the ML is lacking, as I wouldn't buy a sub for them...have heard Vandy 2's and 3's and they sound good, transparent, clear, invisible, good imaging and so on, for the $. Been reading for the last 3 days and I'm about out of reading material comparing the 2. I'm a little worried about the placement of the ML's 2-3 ft from the walls ?

Any comments or suggestions ?
I agree I am not much for her voice, style or political views. But that nose must create quite a vacuum. Turbunoids d'zur I am sure! But in my opinion, I would go with ML's as electrostats seem to be more prone to reproduce finest of details.

As a Vandy 3A Signature owner, who has heard MLs, I hear a "plasticy" coloration with the MLs. It may just be me, but Vandies just sound more like real, live instruments. Be sure you've listened to the MLs for an extended period of time before you decide.
What amp do you use? You need big amp to drive ML.
You need to keep the Vandy's away from the walls too.
I was a dealer for both Martin Logan and Vandersteen for a pretty long time. I still own Martin Logan CLSIIA's. IMHO, the ML's are one of the best speakers for female voices. Far from "plasticy"...