Martin Logan Aeon, anyone heard?

Has anyone heard or purchased the new Martin Logan Aeon?
If so, how does it compare to the SL3 and Aerius?
I am not sure if it is even out yet. Retail will be $3000 and is really supposed to slot between the discontinued Aerius and SL3. The woofer design will be similar to the Prodigy but smaller of course.
The AEON actually will replace the Aerius,
Have a look at the ML website, they have the poop on it.
The tentative release date is mid-late July. I would suppose this will give ML time to clear any left-over Aerius stock.
Amrik, I think that price is a little high, since the Aeon is the direct Aerius replacement, but yes it does use the same bass loading technique as the Ascent/Prodigy/Odyssey, albeit with an 8 inch woofer.
In response to Bigpoppakrell:
Yes, it is supposed to be the Aerius replacement BUT is "really" aimed in a slot between the Aerius and SL3. That is reflected in the higher $3000 retail (according to my dealer). It is likely that reason for mid-july release is to allow ML to get rid of Aerius inventory. OTOH, my dealer said that ML stopped making Aerius EXCEPT for special orders from dealers. Maybe the time is needed to make the transition and iron out any kinks in manufacturing. I will audition these to see if the Aeon could be a considered a good value as an SL3 replacement! BTW, ML has raised retail on all their models- roughly 5-10% (5% for expensive models) in each case rounded off to the nearest hundred.
Yeah, well, if you think the ML's are pricey in the US, then you should try the pricing here in Canada.. eesh ! and yes, we got hit with the increase on them as well ! The last time I looked at the pricing on a pair of new Aerius I's they were dealer listed at close to $3600.00 CDN.
Of course, all this pales to the pricing in the UK, which is positively stinky !
Anyhow, yup, I'll be curious to hear the new Aeon's too, they've got pretty big shoes to fill.
It's my understanding that the twin woofer bass with EQ is unique to the Prodigy and Odyssey models. The Ascents and the other M-Ls use standard woofer loading designs. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Currently looking for a nice system @10k. I have two room options. One room has several openings: 22 x 15. Due to the WAF & windows on one end/ fireplace on other end, the listening area would be across the 15 ft width.
The other room directly behind the fireplace is 14 x 15.
Music: I prefer jazz, female vocals, & rock occasionally.
I auditioned the Aerius I, with Acurus & Aragon. I would apreciate your suggestions. I want to make the right choice of components.


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