Martin Barre-Live In New York DVD/2-CD Anyone Have This Yet?

Just Curious as I Placed an order for this about 5 Minutes ago.
It's sold out over here in the USA so I ordered it from the UK.
If you do own this,or have heard it,what are your thoughts?
How is the DVD Quality?
Martin has always played some great Guitar!

Will do.He'll be doing a show in our area in October and we might get to catch that one.

I want this set, but am not going to pay a silly price for it. I think that the set list looks great and particularly like the cover of the Porcupine Tree song "Blackest Eyes".
I know that's cool that he is doing that.I got it From Wiener World Music for $28.00 after the conversion.Also It is on Ebay for $35.00 from across the pond.Not bad for a 2 CD;1 DVD set.