Marten speakers

Marten has introduced the new Parker series. Anybody have any personal experience? Quintet model preferred...Thanks in advance!
Never heard them, they look amazing

I would just add this caution, I am not a fan of ports or passive radiators, if any, front firing. Those 4 large passive radiators on the back may be a big assist in them measuring producing lows, however, I would never consider them unless I could try them in my space, keep or return.
No personal experience but a friend heard them last year at the audio show in Taiwan.  He said it was one of the three best sounding rooms at the show only topped by MBL and Focal, both with $200k+ systems.  
The passive radiators help deliver a big sound stage and they are not terrible in terms of placement.  
This is second hand.  
Thanks for the replies so far...
Placement restrictions are a main priority-  cannot have them in the middle of my room. My gut says that the passive radiators should not pose too much of a problem but of course cannot confirm this without a home demo. Any other Marten owners out there? Small representation in the USA but they are a really big company in Europe.
Marten has introduced the new Parker series.
They are still wooden boxes with drivers in 'em. No frequency response graphs given by marten. Just the usual marketing BS. What makes them better than any other speaker especially given the extortionate prices? They must be laughing all the way to the bank!

Show us the evidence Marten! I challenge you
Show us the evidence Marten! I challenge you
Windmills had Don Quixote, we get kenjit.