Marten Parker Quintet and the Marten Parker Trio Diamond version...if you could choose ?

I hope all is with with everyone and I have been approached with a scenario where I may need to make a choice on some speakers. The choice would be between the Marten Parker Quintet's or the model below ; the Marten Parker Trio's but in their Diamond version. They will be going in a 16' x 23' living room and driven by Accuphase equipment most notably the A-75 pure class A solid state amp. I do play rock and roll and do like bass but not loud enough or deep enough to move the foundation or wake the neighbors or rattle the stuff off the walls. Please let's keep in civil and also just comments on these two Marten speakers.......thank you and much appreciated.  .       




Thank You for the follow up and sharing your Marten experience. Your example is becoming more and more commonplace with these Distributor(s) and Dealers/Retailers. Nice move purchasing Verity Audio.

I would have done the same, plus "call out" those guys around Marten.

Back in December I had a similar experience with Audio Limits, NV. regarding Hemingway Audio cables. I am glad that Hemingway moved on to a new Distributor and Dealer Retailer -Highend By Oz in CT.


Addendum: I would certainly inform Marten by email or phone expressing your Experience.


Happy Listening!

I had enquired about the Marten Parker Duo's many months back but never heard back from anyone.....this after 4 or 5 emails. How do these companies stay in business? 

@garebear I’ve never bought any thing from Paul Manos, but he helped me sell a pair of speakers by providing, free, a pair of jumpers i had lost.  Stand up guy.