Marten Design Coltrane vs Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy

I am on the market for second hand speakers with a budget range of 5-6 k $. Considered so far Marten Coltrane and Watt/Puppies (their lower numbers). I am running low voltage push-pull Audio Note monoblocks. Any other suggestion for speakers will be very welcome. Interested also in PBN Montana, Legacy Audio, von Schweikert VR 4 etc. Tnx.
Duhhh ?---

AN amps will not have the drive for the Wilsons--but the Coltranes are a huge price differential but will be OK--not great with the AN Amps but passable ( I heard the Audio Fed Demo room at RMAF) and I felt the sound was soft lacking in punch.

When you mention lower numbered Wilsons-3s/2s/5/s-well thats worse as they have horrendous swings--to 1/2 ohms in the critical regions.

I would not put Wilsons with AN Amps

Verity Rienzi (current model,$10K new) & Vandersteen Quatro Wood with optional crossovers (current model, $12K new). Both of which we have in stock, pre-owned but in mint condition, at or slightly above your price range. Even if we didn't happen to have them, I would still make the recommendations.

Marten Coltrane I would think would run more than $6K used and if you are looking to spend more then I would add the Verity Parsifal Ovation & Vandersteen 5a to the list. Early Watt Puppies are not in the same league, in my opinion, as Coltrane, Parsifal Ovation, or Vandy 5a.
Thank you for your fast reply.
SEATTLEHIFI - I've got your recommendations and I will consider. A bit doubtful about matching the sensitivity of both models you suggest (87 dB) with tube 8 watter???
TEAM 212 - As far as I understand both Coltranes and Wilsons are not spectacular with AN. Do you have anything better to suggest?
Sure - I understand your concern but the paper specs don't always translate to a sonic mis-match. Just food for thought.
Von Schweikert dB99. There was a pair listed here for $6400. Not mine because I can't see parting with them. Good luck.
Oh Dear

--8W's-well it can be a dilemma for speaker choice.
You'll have I feel to negate the ones you mention and consider more efficient possibilities.You'd probably get away with it if you only played Lute music--But I fear you do not-ha!

How long is a piece string?--you could start with investigating

Tannoys--but NOT the newer "cheapos"


Tonian labs


Trenner & Freidhl



Good Luck,

Nola KO should be considered as well but you're not likely to find them second hand - at least not for awhile.
What is wrong with the Audio Note speakers? They look a bit 1970's and need to be in a corner ideally, but they make a wonderful, musical sound with no edge to it. With the range of crossover upgrades, there is a speaker for most pockets.

I also agree that Tannoy would be a great choice too.
Thank you very much folks for this input. Just to clarify I am not a horn guy. Will take seriously all suggestions.
Avantgarde speakers work very well with Audio Note. A 2nd hand pair of UNOs
should be within your budget.
Marten altered the Marten Coltrane in 2009 to a higher impedance bass system including new bass drivers and new bass crossover. This was specifically for tube amplifier users. Now the impedance is 6 ohm (4.8 ohms min, with bass-adjust in normal). The original Stereophile Coltrane reviews used the 1st generation Coltranes. These are epic speakers and definately keepers.
Just to clarify I am not a horn guy.
This seriously limits your choice of spkrs.
Adding on to Team212's list & David's AN recommend'n:
Klipsch (Horn / Scala)
JBL (vintage)

OTOH, I am not sure about the AN driving Tannoy Canterbury. I listened to this combo and, while "nice" the sound of the whole was unconvincing given the stellar specs of the parts...

IMO you definitely need a product that offers at least ~100dB / 1 watt / 1 m or better AND definitely need to try it out. That is at least half the fun, btw!

After all, a 100dB spkr will give you ~88dB at listening position for 1 watt (assuming you're listening at 12 ft away); you'll run out of steam soon over 94dB. And this is for a nonexistent, series resistance /totally flat impedance speaker! While this is plenty loud, remember that 30dB dynamics are very common in music... which brings you down to 94-30= ~64dB