Marten Coltrane owners ..... what about Wilsons?

To you Coltrane owners out there...what else was on your shopping list? I am curious, I gave the Martens, various models a short listen. I own Wilsons and Apogees at the moment and not planning to move from that until something actually blows me away! I am not a huge fan of the physical bulk (Sophia's/ Sasha's and Studio Grands) were a huge compromise but they are acceptable unlike the larger models (engineering and price ratio is something I have high regards for) I do like the Coltrane during my short encounter and I am heading to NY to give them a serious listen. I would truly appreciate any feedback. thanks

A dealer recently shared a story where a customer with W/P 8s was having trouble getting them to work in his room which by the sound of it was a little hot. He introduced him to Coltrane's and they quickly got them working in that room. He felt the Marten's were easier to get right in a room but very sensitive to the equipment driving them. (the dealer stocked Marten's and was also able to supply Wilson though I don't think he stocked the latter)
I do have both Marten and WA Maxx . Marten is more transparent and fast . I have never heard my dream sound from MAXX and think it is a bit congested in the mids . But the are both good speakers and please take a note that there is no such a thing as perfect loudspeaker or perfect  amp or perfect pre or cd player...... They all have positive and negative points !