Marsh P2000+A400s or Classé CP-45+CA200?

Comments anyone? I like a tubelike sound, but bass has to be tight and fast. Which combo is best to your ears?
i have had various classe components in my system (cdp 1.5, 47.5 pre) and i now have the classe ca-200 amp, cp-60, and cdp-10 components. i didn't like the marsh amps and preamps when i auditioned them before buying the classe equipment. marsh products are a good value, but a little too cool sounding to me.
Anyone else?
I use the P2000b with a McCormack amp, but I did have the A400s in my system for a while and found the sound to be relatively rich, liquid, and full sounding for a solid state combo. I didn't find the sound to be cool sounding at all, but I haven't heard the Classe gear and it's all relative. In fact, I stuck with my McCormack amp because the A400s was just a tad too polite for my tastes, but I could see how many might prefer its more laid back demeanor. Cables will obviously make a big difference here too.

I find the P2000b to be a very refined sounding piece that, while probably not quite a tube substitute, certainly creates a fluid, dimensional, and natural yet detailed sound that I would think would appeal to someone looking for some of the positive characteristics often associated with tubes. By the way, the Marsh pair really needs to be run balanced as they sound significantly better in that mode -- I ran them both ways with the same cables and it was no contest.

Sorry I can't shed more light on a comparison with Classe or how close the Marsh pair gets you to tubeland, but I will say that the Marsh gear sounds a lot less like what most would consider a "solid state" type of sound and as such may be worth consideration given your goals.

Best of luck.
I had the P2000b and P2000t with the A200s. For the Marsh gear, like others your satisfaction will be based on how it synergizes with your speakers. The Marsh gear is good solid state but not what I would call tubey; but if it's a good match with your speakers, I predict you'll like the sound; if it's not a good match you won't.