Marsh A400s or McCormackDNA225?

I have some B&W CDM9NT speakers. I'm looking at this 2 amps. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Being a friend of Steve McCormack, naturally I suggest the DNA 225.

As for sound, the 225 is a remarkable value in the world of high end audio. Add to that, there are no reliability or service issues.

In case you don't already know, Steve is a very fine person who runs his company in a professional way while still treating his customers with respect. A balance this is difficult to achieve in this market.
What about the Marsh?
I am not qualified to answer, another member who has experience with the Marsh will need to help us out.
The Marsh is highly thought of, for its price. But considering that B&W's are quite power hungry I believe the DNA225 would be the better fit in this application. Or if you can, spring for the DNA500?
I agree with Albert on all three of his views: that the DNA-225 is a great value, that the DNA-225 is reliable, and that Steve McCormack is a great guy who will go out of his way to be helpful.

I have owned my DNA-225 for about one year and its performance has been very solid (excuse the pun) and very surprising, surpassing even my own high expectations. Within the price range, I don't know of a BETTER amp, though there are many in this price range.

The depth and width of the soundstage are remarkable. PLENTY of power for even moderately inefficient speakers. Very solid low end, articulate top end, and a quite pleasing midrange. Not "end all" in the world of higher-end amplifiers but EXCELLENT for the money.

One note, it is a bit picky with respect to PC's. I went through four - HT ProcAC 11, Synergistic AC Master Coupler, PS Audio LabII, and Audience Power Chord – before settling on the Audience. I’m sure even better results might be obtained with an even higher-end PC, but those are beyond my limits. You cannot go WRONG with the DNA-225. Personally, I auditioned the Marsh, Pass Labs X-150, and Plinius SA100 before choosing the McCormack. Your mileage (and ear) may, of course, vary. :-)
The McCormack sounded better to me that the Marsh in my system with B&W matrix 803 speakers. But I preferred the Pass X-250 to all. I heard the Plinius newest 125 wpc 102 and it really sang with an ARC CDP-3, LS-25 MKII and B&W N802s, but I wanted a US manufacturer with the reputation of Pass. There are many great deals on the Pass X-250 on Agon or I can put you in touch with the dealer where I bought mine.

Cables and tweks made a biger difference in my system for the money.