Marsalis's horn on "JAZZ"

Has anyone noticed the horn that Marsalis is using on the Jazz documentary? It appears to be some kind of "moulded " design rather than having distinct tubes of bent brass. This is probably some common thing to you that can actually play such an instrument, but, I have never seen a horn like this. What gives? Can any players enlighten me?
Good question. I've also noticed that his trumpet is rather unique looking. I don't think that it's molded but rather that it has some additional metal flanges and embellishments added to it. And where is the mouthpiece? It doesn't even look like it has one. I did a quick search of the offical PBS "Jazz" site but there's no place to leave any email. I also checked the Jazz at Lincoln Center site but I did not leave any email. Perhaps you can try emailing Wynton via the Lincoln Center site.
While I am not a horn player (or any other instrument so I have been told), I believe he is using a Monette ... not sure which model. You can find the horns at:
Is he just showing off for the camera and he never uses it otherwise?
the monette website has a bunch of pictures of wynton's trumpet and his more recently constructed coronet. (thanks for the tip massvm.) the trumpet has the mouthpiece "built-in" and is decorated in several motifs. both of the instuments pictured are real works of art. i beleive he uses the instruments regularly. he played the trumpet pictured on the website and on "jazz" when i saw him a couple years ago.
The trumpet that Marsalis is playing was specially made for him according to a design he made. Marsalis was concerned that the traditional trumpet mouthpiece and tubing were not sufficiently stiff to transfer all the energy from his embouchure to the horn. Hence, the design he made has a heavily reinforced mouthpiece area which is stiffer. Marsalis says this design allows him to play with more power and less energy (I think that is a fairly accurate quote).
Here's a great article in the Atlantic Monthly that talks about Dave Monette and his instruments: enjoy! d