Marketing Ideas

I've noticed that Audiogon has what appear to be sister sites such as Videogon for HT and Photogon for cameras and accessories. How about offering up some new ideas for websites that cater to collectors. Who knows, maybe it will give them some ideas. Or at least a good laugh. Such as -

Autogon - for car afficionados

By gon - for antiques

Dog gon - for pet paraphenalia

Gon fishin' - for the outdoorsman

Penta-gon - for military collectors

Remember to keep it in relatively good taste. ;o)
Be-gon..for neighbors that you'd like to get rid of!
I second Autogon. I would use a site like that.
How about be-be gon for fire arms and "gons"?
How about "Long Gon" for those of us who spend too much time and money on Audiogon.

"Strip-o-Gon" for the enlightened discussion of gentlemen's clubs.

"Going, Going, Gon" for an auction watch service.

"Cong Gon" a place where Vietnam vets can reminiesce about their days of cooking C-rations over a flaming C-4 Claymore mine.

"F'n Gon" where people talk about crazy sh*t they just need to get off their chest.

I think we need some AudioGOONs here on Audiogon to drop an elbow down on the foreheads of all the deadbeat sellers and buyers that have ripped us off.
With great fishing season during the rain I feel I need to upgrade my cheap stock reel so idea of Gon fishin' is definitely great. Any ideas for a good inexpencive one within $50...$100?
Gon-eria for frank discussion of STD's
Gon-With the Wind for Civil War buffs
Gon-in Sixty Seconds for Shelby Cobra enthusiasts
That's-Gon just because chicks dig the long ball
Son Of A "Gon" — for Class B and C stereo gear.

"Gon" Shy — a dating service for non-aggressive audiophiles.

Here Today, "Gon" Tomorrow — a site for audiophiles suffering from upgraditus.

"Gon" Fishing — a site for audio enthusiasts who just want to see how much an item would sell for, but aren't really interested in buying.

"Gon"dola - an audiophile auction that start at one dollar.

"Gon" Ga Din- taking a member of Audiogon out to an Indian restaurant.

"Gon"dhi - a good name for Albert Porter.

"Gon"ad - for audiophiles with a lot of chutzpah.

"Gon"ja - for audiophiles who smoke pot in the sweet spot.

"Gon" orrhea - for audiophiles who don't use surge protection.

"Gon"zo - for audiophiles who purchase all the latest stereo gear reviewed in Stereophile.

"Gon" - a mental state which I am presently experiencing.
"it useta be here but now be gon" -www lost & found.

All gon - remenants of website gon by the wayside due to the ebay monster. Luckily, Audiogon remains.
"Gon" fuzing - for those who don't get the Hi-Fi hoopla.
"Gon" fisson - for those looking for a good cheap power source
"Gon" fusion - for those looking for good, cheap, AND dangerous power source
"Gon" outtatown - Internet travel agency
"Gov-B-Gon" Guess my ID kinda gives it away, heh?...
Musicgon for music reviews and albums/cds

Cablegon -- doesn't it feel sometimes they can support their own site

Beergon -- or is it Beergut?

Spousegon -- for those who just couldn't take it any more

Politiciangon -- for those who would like to buy or sell their own politicians ;-)
I think that would be "Gut-be-GoN"