market value of my gears

I possess the following amps and start thinking of selling them out. All of them in mint and original conditions. Just want to know their estimated market value at this moment.

A pair of Marantz 9 (Not reissue)
A Marantz 8b
A pair of McIntosh MC3500
A McIntosh 225
A McIntosh 240
A pair of Jadis JA200
A pair of Jadis SE300B

Thanks a lot.
Since this is your first post, we need your country of origin and the voltage of the equipment. If you happen to be located in Nigeria, were you able to get assistance with that $15 million bank account you offered me half of a while back? What is the condition of the equipment, I'm sure it is perfect, maybe in factory sealed cartons? With zero feedback, I can't wait to see these listings pop up, you probably even have a terrific excuse as to how all of this equipment was inherited by you after the unfortunate coup that befell the royal family of (insert 3rd world country of your choice) which also explains why you need our assistance to liberate those millions in US or Swiss accounts. Best wishes with that. Ok, sorry for the sarcasm.

Since you are brand new here, you need to sign up for blue book access on Audiogon to have access to the most recent sales data and pricing trends.
Ignore 'blue book', not reliable and most of the time low ball pricing. Now for the comment on Nigeria. I buy all my equipment there. Never have had a problem, as long as you believe in virtual equipment.
Anyone who has acquired an exotic collection of ampilfiers such as this. And does not have an idea of the value? Is very questionable and should come under suspicion.
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I am in Hong Kong and acquired my gears around 1996 to 1998. With my kids born later, I did have no space at home for hi fi set up. I shipped them to Vancouver. From that time onward, I never play them. Voltage of all of them is 110V. Just now, I consider to sell them but I am not in the market for 10 years, I don't know current market. So, I want someone help to point out where I could get info of current market value. Then I put them to public auction.
Just in case your are serious here is a link to the Orion bluebook. It is a service that you will have to pay to use. Also, as has been previously mentioned, conditon and original packing and manuals will also have a lot to do with the values of these amps, but this will give you some idea of worth.
If you are in Hong Kong that is where you should be checking prices because that is where your equipment will end up anyway. Besides, the prices will be higher there.
That old crap's no longer worth anything. As a favor, I'll take it off your hands to dispose of it. And, as a sign of generosity will even pay the shipping here to me.
There are examples of the Marantz and Jadis models that are up for sale (or auction in the case of the 8B) here at Audiogon right now, so you can see what people are asking for them.

Your JA200 is considerably older than the one being offered, which should be taken into account in determining your asking price.

The McIntosh 225 and 240 are not especially rare, so I suspect that a little Googling would turn up recent asking prices.

I don't think I've ever seen an MC3500 offered for sale, but fwiw a 2012 valuation of $12K is cited in this reference. Not sure if that is for one or for a pair, though :-)

Regarding the Orion bluebook which was suggested above, I have no knowledge of how realistic their current valuations are for vintage tube gear. But I can tell you that the 1991 bluebook which I have absurdly undervalued most examples of collectable vintage tube equipment, relative to their true worth at that time.
All of them in mint and original conditions.
Keep in mind that the value of classic vintage tube equipment such as this is extremely sensitive to cosmetic condition. Very little equipment from the 1960s or thereabouts is truly mint. Any minor scratches, speckling of chrome, discoloration, etc., will reduce value considerably. If the serial numbers of the 9s are not close, that will reduce value somewhat. If one of them is the blue chassis version and the other the brown chassis version (as opposed to both being the same color), that will mean $thousands off.

Finally, willingness to ship internationally can make a considerable difference in how much pieces like this will bring.

Good luck!
-- Al
Audiogon Bluebook prices are based on the average of actual sales, and often seems pretty close to what I see a lot of used equipment selling for. Original Marantz 9's for example are listed at well in excess of $6,000.00, certainly not lowball.
Gbart, I suspect that figure is for one mono Marantz 9. A pair of them that have the same color chassis and are fairly close in serial number would be worth considerably more than twice the value of a single unit.

"Considerably" meaning at least several thousand dollars more than twice the value of a single unit. I am basing that on my own experience selling a pair during the 1990's, and on input I received at that time from a highly respected expert on these things, while factoring in some allowance for price escalation that has occurred since.

-- Al
Jbl 375, I would check the sold section of EBay would give you the best info possible. I buy and sell quite a bit of this stuff. Bob