market value???

What is the market value for a 1 owner / mint / cosmetically and functionally pristine / fully serviced and re-capped with quality gear by professional 30 year experienced electronic engineer - Denon DP45F DD turntable?

Thanks - cat9
Do a search on ebay and see what others are asking / hoping to get and you should get a somewhat qualified answer.

Best of luck

A fiarly high amount as I recall. I think there is a demand coming from Asia as well at the moment.
The amount it is worth is what someone will pay for it jn a free market.
A big auction site is not a bad place to watch and see what they go for (as Peter said). At that point you'll know what price range to ask for, or set a reserve at. Don't make the mistake of seeing a high asking price and thinking that it sells for that, watch for completed sales, asking doesn't mean selling.
Thanks guys,

Yes, I was and am keeping a look out on E-Bay and other auction sites. I was just hoping maybe someone here recently either bought one or sold one and that could give me some ideas.

I appreciate the feedback - james (cat9)
Human value??? Another way to look at selling a turntable is finding someone who will love having it.
Instead of just who has the most money to throw away at it.
Not saying anyone has to, just it is a different way of handling an audio transaction.
I love finding a person who will really enjoy what i have for sale. Way more than just getting the most dollars from some dolt.
I sold my Denon Dp-59L (with a Shure V15 type five mr)for way less than it could have brought in a bidding war, but then i know it is in a great home, loved by the person who bought it.
Ditto my last amp. i just ran into someone who would love it as much as i had.

On the other hand i have sold stuff to strangers...
Not complaining, just commenting. your views may differ.
I try not to attach too much emotion to inaminate (sp?) objects. I would never be able to sell anything. I have a hard time as it is. I don't hoard most things but things, but I like like old tubes I just can't seem to get enough of them. I have in fact given some away rather than solling them.
Best of all is a true win win trade if possible. I do have to unload a few things though.
I have bought far too many project vintage amps, mostly by Sherwood of Chicago. My father had a Sherwood 5000S which used 7868 power tubes. It makes silly claims like- 80 watts- on the face plate. Yah- perhaps 80 watts both channels driven into clipping or beyond, really can't imagine it but... they seem to drive the vintage 50s JBL speakers pretty well. So yes I bought a bunch of Sherwood amps for no good reason. especially after I had one restored and a friend gave me a refurbished tuner that matched. That one is fun but I ended up with 2-3 others I never use.
I should probably sell off most of the stuff I don't use, slowly, a few at a time. I alone could prolly manipulate the market by flooding it with certain items. The tubes always have a lot of competition and I aint no dealer, so I'll get bottom dollar, except for the rarest and most desirable which I'll want to keep for myself.
As for the TT in question I noted that it wasn't the model I thought it was at first. Now I don't think, at this point, even if fixed up by a pro, will get much. I am sorry about my first prognostication.
There are not enough of those around, the DP45F, specifically, to establish a "market value", so there really can be no answer to your question. In the end, I think your unit would sell faster than a unit that is sold with no guarantee of condition, but not necessarily for much more money. In the hierarchy of the Denon DD turntables of that era, so far as I know, the higher the DP#, the better, with the very rare Japanese only DP100 being at the top of the heap and worth around $5K, if you can find one. The lesser products that were exported include the DP80, 75, 62 (and variants), 59 (and variants), and I think also 52. If I haven't missed any, then after that comes the DP45. Its value is stuck at a certain price point and in relationship to that of the others. But only the marketplace can tell you what that is.

I continue to hang on to my DP80, because it is not valuable enough (according to the marketplace) in relation to its greatness as a turntable, as I perceive it. So, why sell it?