Mark O'Connor- Hot House Trio

Great sounding sonically-one of the best Sacd's I own..Does'nt seem to use the subwoofer channel at all(?)......Performance is very "sterile" IMO..Pretty bad when Wynton Marsalis conveys the most emotion on any recording......Any other opinions?
I haven't heard that release, but Mark's plays so well that sometimes it can sound too perfect. I would recommend the live CD by the same group (without any guests artists). It's called "Hot Swing !". It's his tribute to Stephanne Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. Am sure it captures the spirit of that style of music much better.

Would also highly recommend Mark's latest 2 CD set, "Thirty Year Retrospective". Beautifully recorded in a totally acoustic (no PA) concert with the hottest young pickers in Nashville. Namely Chris Thile of Nickel Creek on mandolin and Bryan Sutton on guitar. Amazing stuff that covers a very wide range of styles (though not much bluegrass). It's all instrumental and the playing is incredible ! This is a weird comment and may relate to the sterile sound you mention, but their picking and tone is so perfect that some of it can sound too easy. Like if they ever flubbed, the effect could sound "hotter". I do wish they'd brought the bass (the only other instrument) up a little in the mix.

If this sounds at all interesting, you should buy it. It's a low price 2 disk set and each is well over 70 minutes. I'd recommend this to lovers of chamber music too.
Saw the Trio on last Sunday's Breakfast With The Arts program on A&E. Fantastic.