Mark Levinson Upgrade Costs?

Looking for info on cost of upgrading a

Pre-amp 38/38S to 380S
cd player 39 to 390

Not yet an owner, but trying to compare the cost of buying used and upgrading to buying new.
no39 to no390s is $1500.00. If you want the 390s face plate it is additional $500
In almost all cases with Levinson it makes sense to buy the version you want on the used market - you just have to wait for a while...
Don't ship it to them!!!!!!!! These guys have had my ML 335 amp on repair for almost 4 months. They are so screwed up that one of my dealer's customers is paying his technician to make an upgrade rather than send it to Harmon Specialty Group (MLs lousey home)
All I know about Levinson upgrades is what I've heard on this site and that was the cost is more than the original cost difference between a version and its "s" couterpart. I'd say check with Levinson but, and I don't know if this has to do with the reorganization @ Madrigral, I've the email at least 4 times and it's never been answered. Nice huh. I'm glad I didn't spend $7000 on that DAC or I'd be fuming. Honestly, with the prices they charge, they really need to keep their customers happy. Well, it's not like I'd ever be stupid enough to pay retail for their gear, even though it's probably worth it.