mark levinson service

has anyone sent in their equipment to mark levinson for repair gotten their gear back. I sent in my amp about 3months ago and was told that it will be sent out 2 weeks ago, I m still waiting.
This is second hand information, as I have not sent anything in. However, yours is not the first posting that I have seen on this site (or Audio Asylum) that has complained about the poor service (and lack of forthcoming information) from Levinson.

I am concerned, as I have a Levinson amp and Revel speakers.

I really think that as one of the major players in the high end market, that they should be concerned about this bad reputation they are acquiring. It won't take much more bad press before they have a bad name, at which point, it may be too late to correct.

Harmon Industries, are you listening?!!
great service from levinson and they even did a follow up when i got it back from them to make it was running great and to make sure i was happy with there service. class a service
My Proceed has been gone for 2 months now. Still waiting for parts....... no date or estimate : ( Bryston or Musical Fidelity here I come.
My friend told meto audition Mark Levinson, I told
they are not in good shape right now.Thank you, for
sharing this experience.I t helps to avoid future
headache. Here I come MC intosch.
Levinson and Revel will soon be stronger than ever. The "restructuring" is inconveneient but I'm told will result in stronger SOTA components that will be as dependable as Lexicon which Harmon claims as their model for Custy service. I've been told by industry sources that in the "short term" the changes are inconvenient at best and that Sydney Harman has stressed that he expects Harman Speciatly Group to advance the SOTA and has been disappointed that Levinson and Revel have taken so long in revamping their line, thus the drastic changes. Some of the "Legacy" components have not been updated since the 90's. I say all this in support, but am myself a personal victim of these changes and consider the implementation of this plan (if there was a plan) "half-baked"(a kind word)and extremely poorly timed to the detrimation of the brands and the dealers. I would expect many dealers to take on new lines. They can't stay in business without product. Time will tell. I would be glad to talk with others who are experiencing service issues.
I had a 334 amplifier that needed service last year. Their service department was first class - repaired it quickly and even paid for shipping back to me. I was not even the original owner! I think they are just as good as Bryston in this respect.
People need to understand that when a factory closes its operations in one state and re-locates in another, this TAKES TIME. Equipment must be transferred from one factory to another as well as implementation of personnel, office equipment, test equipment, etc.. The service is there and will continue to exist. People will just need to be patient and hang in there!
I am very disappointed in their service. I have a 383 integrated that needed service. I sent it in July 2003 and got it back. That was a 6 month wait!!! I called them and emailed them several times (they never answered my emails) and repeatedly asked them for information on the status of the repair. They could never give me a straight answer. I was just about to give up when someone finally called and said they were sending it. Now here's the kicker - I just set it up tonight for the first time and now it went out again. The screen says "Amp Fault". I am so frustrated and frankly very pissed off at the moment. Does anyone know what I should do??? I really don't want to wait another 6 months for them to fix it and have to keep on sending it back. I will never ever buy another Mark Levinson component ever again. That I know for sure. If anyone has any suggestions or comments I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
I got my DAC ML 36 s back today the 20/2 2004, it was sent to ML (Harman) in may 2003 so 9 months tells it all!!!!!!! I realy don't hope my other ML equipment got any problems or I will be too old and deaf before I got it back.
Or you can say it this way, If you want ML music all the time, you have to buy 2 sets.
I sent in my No. 37 CDT and they set the expectation up front that due to the move they would be 6-8 weeks for the repair. All of my calls were answered or returned. Although they were delayed in returning the unit due to internal paperwork issues, they performed the repair admirably. In summary, the repair took a while...but the communication was excellent.
This all took place at the end of 2003.
I had sent my trusted 31.5 transport to Madrigal in Sept. 2003. The unit was functioning at the time, but had an intermittent software glitch that would cause the transport lid to open on its own periodically. I had to wait until Feb. 04 to get the unit back. When I opened the box I was in disbelief to find the transport hold down strap was not attached to the unit but was in a separate plastic bag. When I opened my CD transport, there were loose parts inside, proving the unit was damaged during shipping. Madrigal was contacted and they do not believe they can repair my 31.5. They are in the process of setting me up with one of their used spare units ('B' stock) for an exchange. I have little confidence in the new company since a number of the former ML employees have left the company since the transition. I think ML is in big trouble, and for those of you who have cherished their equipment over the years, all we can do is hope and pray that we never need service.
These are scary threads as I have a lot of ML stuff: 2 37s, a 360, 360S, 380S, 331, 334, 336, and 434. I guess I may have to move to Bedford, Mass to ensure I can get in the repair line quickly and cheaply. Looks like I may have tospend a fortune in repairs, if needed. My two Proceed PMDTs may have to be used as door stops to my Audio/Video room, as hopes for repairs may soon be nonexistant.
This is a follow-up to the "ordeal" that took place a few months ago. (Please read above text) When I did send my amp in for repairs last in the summer of 2003, I had no clue that the company was going through a massive change and move and only after reading through tons of message boards do I realize now that things are drastically different at the company. Therefore, I can understand a bit about why it took 6 months for my amp to get back to me.
When I had to send the amp out again, things were quite a bit different. Lauren at tech support, personally helped me out and arranged for UPS to pick up my amp at no charge to me. My amp was on a priority list and whenever I called and placed an inquiry, they always had an answer for me this time. It was finally repaired after about 3 weeks, much better than a 6 month wait. I received it and it has been working better than ever. They even sent me an owner's manual to replace the one I had misplaced.
I also spoke with Jim at tech support and he fully answered my questions about the direction the company is taking. He stated that the reason service was backed up for a while was directly due to the move that took place and that they are aiming for a 2 week turnaround in repairs, hopefully in the near future. He also stated that the company is alive and well and will continue to grow with new and current products. Of course I was talking to an employee of the company and not some 3rd party person but, suffice to say, I do feel better about owning a Levinson product and am revising my claim of "never buying another Mark Levinson component ever again". So, fellow Levinson owner's, don't despair, I truly do think that things are still settling down at the company and that things will get much better in the future.

I think some of the readers are quite right, Mark levinson's people don.t answer the emails, I've sent lots of email about my MK>20.6 Amp. for repair but so far I haven't got any reply, may be they don't have complaint department due to overconfidence of their products.
God help them.
I've never failed to receive a response to the (few) emails I've sent to MLAS, even during the time that the entire company was stuffed into trailers parked in the Lexicon parking lot.