Mark Levinson Repair

My Mark Levinson 36S digital audio processor lost a channel. I need to send it in for repair. The phone numbers in my manual no longer work. Does anybody have the new phone numbers?
Mark Levinsion no longer services their equipment at the factory. They have 3 registered service center in the USA. Contact ML and they will send you a listing of their authorized repair centers. 1 in NY, 1 in Calf. & 1 in TX.
You might want to send it to a 3rd party repair upgrade shop such as HEAR (high end audio repair) or Musical concepts.
I have a pair of ML 20.6's that need repair and I'm still doing research on who to send it to.
Anyone who has good results with their ML repairs from a 3rd party I would like to hear some feed back.
Good luck.
Joe Nies
Joenies is correct, 3 repair centers.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! & Remember keep your wallet open if your going to use one of them. I would look 3rd party.
I no longer own any ML equ. & repairs were just ONE of the reasons.
Use the form at the link Kal posted above. When I contacted Harman Specialty Group they showed two repair centers, one in TX and one in east coast. I would have loved a local California repair center.
Yep,the authorized[sp] centers are brutal beyond compare since Harmon bought him out.Hopefully you can find a tech close by your locale who knows the score,good luck,Bob
Looks like my local repair place is also one of the two the authorized repair centers. I just drove over and dropped it off. I guess I was lucky. I will let you know when I get it back in 2 weeks.
I have a old Meridian CDP that I wanted to have repaired, but one of the repair centers wanted $700 for the repair, PLUS parts. So it's probably going to collect dust for a little while longer.