Mark Levinson - refurbish or start fresh

I have a couple of old Levinson pieces...335 amplifier and 380S preamp (and also a 39 CD) that have been in service since 2000 or so...almost always on for the duration...and reliable performance until the 335 went flat.  Technetron is Levinson certified and will fix/refresh the amp...cost dependent on whether they have to replace the large caps.  They could also refresh/refurbish the 380S...but it wasn't clear to me that it makes sense to mess with it until it fails.  (Perhaps it is failing, but gradually so that I haven't noticed.). 

I'm interested in the pros and cons of fixing/refurbishing vs going back out on the market for newer equipment, whether Levinson or otherwise.  Thoughts on either piece welcome.
These pieces are at the end of the road and are very old i would go for new equipment and not invest more money in them.
If it was me, and I was  happy with the sound, and it's significantly cheaper to have them basically refurbished than to buy new, I would have them brought back up to spec.  But that's just me. 
That 380s is to this day still an outstanding pre-amp.  I would definitely keep it.  I would have it checked out to see if it is operating within spec, but, it is definitely a keeper.

As for the amp, unless you have in your possession or heard in your system an amp that outperforms that amp, I would get it repaired and replace the caps.  

I should add that the 380s has a history of leaking caps that can etch the board.  Waiting till it failed was not an option for me.

I'd keep both the amp and preamp, but make sure whoever does the work does not use parts that will alter the sound. The 33x series amps are hard to beat.

I just got my 380s refurbished and I am very happy!

@fixedincome may I ask where you had your 380s refurbished? thanks!
I appreciate the first argument that old equipment suffers degradation and that, even with selective replacement of caps...and return to measured specs they won't sound as they did, out of the box and broken in.  

However, I'd prefer to put my faith in the subsequent posts that this was exceptionally great sounding and well built equipment that, once refurbished, may continue to deliver exceptional performance...perhaps as good as anything I can get today for under 25k+.  I get that the operative word here is faith...
Pyramid Audio is where I had my ML 380s refurbished.  They are located in TX and are an "authorized" service shop.  Door to door including shipping time was a month.  Shipping, inspection, repair/refurbishment and return shipping was under $1,000.00.  Sounds as it did new, which is no "sound."  Neutral and no added shading, just music.

Also, George Meyer AV in Los Angeles does outstanding work.

They are also authorized repair centers for Audio Research, Mark Levinson and many many others.

I've used them several times on Mark Levinson ML3, 23.5, Audio Research, and each time was quite satisfied with the quality of the work.