mark levinson problem

hi i have a mark 331 i just found out some grease drip down from the amp i ask local repair they say ether power supply or capacitor get to hot do any one have this problem need some advice thank you very much
Capacitors probably. Hold on to your wallet if you call Harman and get referred to "their" recommended service site.I have read that the centers were charging around 800-900 dollars to "look at it"? I would search for someone who specializes in Levinson amplifier repairs.
Jesus how many times has this been covered. Harman charges you $900 upfront and if the charges were over this then you paid it, if not, they refunded the difference.

There are a few guys on here that will give you some names of repair shops that are reasonable. I used a guy in the St. Louis area that was very reasonable. I ordered the parts from Madrigal and had them dropped shipped to him. Shoot me an email offline and I will give you his email address. I assume he is still in business.

Do a search here and you should be able to find all sorts of information. Happy reading because you will find some pissed off guys here that HATE Madrigal and THey make great products and I have always enjoyed them so take the bashing with a grain of salt. You have a very nice :)
LOL...Oops the last sentence is suppossed to say "you have a very nice AMP".