mark levinson preamp the new 326s

I am taking delivery of this latest release from Levinson I live in the UK and this unit is the very first available in this country,I wonderd has anyone in the forum other than the UK members had the opertunity to listen to the 326s? I will be using it to-gether with the Esoteric UX-1 and Levinson 2x dual mono amps and Revel F50a speakers I think it will make nice music.
I have now had the 326s levinson preamp deliverd and have run it in my system for about 12 hours,its qaulity is improving hour by hour,it has increased the Esoterics excellence of sound to a level I have never heard before,and the Revel f50a speakers have beenallowed their true potential.T he 326s is an expesive unit but in my humble opinion worth every penny
What pre did you have before the new ML unit ?
I was using the bi pass facility in 2 channel mode on the lexicon mc12