Mark Levinson preamp 380 or 38S?

Anyone has ever compared Levinson 380 and 38S directly? What are the differences of their sound and which one do you prefer?

I know 380S and 32 are definitely better, but they are more expensive.

Please tell me your opinions.

Many Thanks!!
I had a 38S for a couple years and did enjoy it a lot...unfortunately it was stolen in Dec....I had planned on updating it to the 380S on recomendation of many, many people...the 380S is just that much better...I have just purchased a 380S and it will be here next week and will assess it and report...I was told by a number of people to just save and wait, buy a 380S.
As a former owner of a #380s, I can only agreee with the above. Save your money and hold out for a #380s. It is a great preamp. You won't be disappointed! You can always have an older unit updated, but I think it will cost you more money.