Mark Levinson phono modules

I had an old Mark Levinson LNP-2 but no phono modules. Other modules in the LNP-2 are 6 pins. I have seen some other Mark Levinson preamps such as ML-1 and their phono modules are 7 pins. Are there really design differences among the two types of phono modules? Or are they in fact the same in design but just made in different pin outs? Can anyone shed some light on these old gears?
They are different from the JC-2 or ML-1. As I recall the LNC-2 was designed by Dick Burwen, whereas the JC-2 was a John Curl design. Good luck in finding some, they have a cult following in Japan, so perhaps you might get some from a dealer there. What I would do is buy a Pass (my taste) outboard phono stage that has balanced outputs, as I recall the LNC-2 took balanced inputs (of some ilk) whereas the JC-2 was RCA. I don't know if Harmon would still make these modules up. Perhaps you can get in contact with Kim Catrell and see if she has any left over :)
No idea about the LNP-2, but John Curl probably knows about ML-1/JC-2 modules, and perhaps there's a chance he knows something about the LNP-2. Email me privately for info.