Mark Levinson Nr.37 transport problems;-


My Levinson have startet to powerdown when you go from actual start playing.
It shows 8 square's in the display & then everything goes black.

Hope you can help...
I recall reading somewhere on the web about a reprograming sequence for the Levinsons, do a search, or perhaps someone knows the location and/or sequence. You may want to call Levinson about the sequence. I have a Proceed CDD which has had some strange readouts a couple of times when connected to a PS300 power condtioner at settings other than 60hz. It seems I also recall unplugging power cord while unit was on and it reset itself. Also, check all the connectors inside for a secure fit, I had a display connection somehow come loose one time. Hope this helps.

I have unplughed the unit a few times,it dosen't help...

The unit power's up as normal , & then it dies down 5-10mi


I can't find anything about the reprograming , so if

anybody read this , please help.
If you`re serious, why not call Levinson? Is this too easy?
Madrigal charges a $1k flat fee for fixes. I think he's trying to avoid that .