Mark Levinson No.5101

Has anyone heard or have the Mark Levinson no.5101 SACD player and streamer? Curious how good the Precision Link II Dac is and how good its sounds without using outboard Dac.

Your interest is in a company with a great track record.  However, Digital Technology has marched so far that the difference between $2K and $5K or more is not as wide as it used to be a decade ago.

That said, please look at Chord, Lumin, and Mytek while you are researching.  Conversely, if you are one of those Audiophiles that has always wanted to own a piece of a certain brand - that’s another thing in and of itself.

Hi Studio 1, I currently have a Levinson 532H amp and a Mytek Manhattan II DAC with Ayre Preamp. Looking for a one box solution for SACD, Streaming and saw the No.5101 has all that with Precision Link DAC. Was really asking for anyone experience with the Levinson Precision Link DAC or the No.5101 in particular.

The Mark Levison 526 Preamp has that DAC built in also.

Thanks for your feedback.