I'm in the market for a mark Levinson processor and also does well on 2 channel, is this (Mark Levinson No.40) the one i'm looking for? Any information will help. To ALL Audiogon members, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and make all your audio/video wishes come true.


The ML 40 is an impressive machine. If you get one, be sure it has the HDMI module; the original design did not have HDMI capability.

I like the built in video screen.

The Classe SSP 800 costs less and also has a video screen. Plus it was designed with HDMI inputs and output. It is also very good sonically, but I have not compared it head-to-head with the ML 40.

Digital video technology is still moving quickly. Rather than invest in an expensive design that might become obsolete in a few short years, another strategy would be to just buy good but cheap components (e.g. Oppo or Emotiva) and upgrade every two years or so.
An alternate in the face of developing processor technology is to use a high-quality analog stereo preamp for front LR and bypass the other channels to a processor. An Oppo 105 does this nicely. In addition to playing almost any kind of disc, it provides most of the functions you expect of a processor. Its impressive 7.1 audio is paired with impressive video that I send directly to a projector. In my setup, a phono stage and another disc player go directly through the stereo preamp. At around $1K, I can afford to replace the 105 when a major new development I must have comes along.

Yes db's idea is a great one.

I have my L-R fronts driven by my higher fidelity audio system (Pass pre and amps) while my Oppo feeds a Classe pre/pro that provides the high level signal to the amps for my center + surrounds + rears.

The Classe pre/pro outputs are plugged into my Pass pre as input #3.

When I listen to a high quality two channel audio source, it plays through high end components. When I listen to a 7 channel AV source, my high end L-R fronts are used plus my center and surrounds and rears via the pre/pro.
I still have his father, Proceed PAV/DSD multichannel decoder and absolutely happy with him. I don't use it as stereo preamp but his job is wonderful.
I know, I know, I don't have new multichannel lossless format decoder, but... i have had some Onkyo, Rotel and Denon stuff and the sound is not the same.
Good luck and enjoy this piece of art
I have a Proceed PAV/PDSD pair in our living room with an Oppo 95 connected to the PDSD bypass. The PAV controls volume. The Oppo decodes lossless formats. For reasons I don't understand, I prefer the sound of this setup to having the output from the Oppo go directly to the Proceed amps.