Mark Levinson no.37 cd transport

Need jumper position at P20 for 230/240 volts. Guess bridge must be placed at 7/8. Does anyone have an idea? Also: How to change from 60Hz to 50Hz??

Hi daniel,

It seems you understand quite a bit in transfering Levinson,s into 220V and vice versa!

I,m currently looking for a Mark Levinson 30.5 and 360s combo. Since ther a lot cheaper in the States I was wondering if you could help me out what it would take to convert these units into 220V ect?

Thanks a lot anyway for your help,
best regards from Switzerland,

Roger Korzeniowski
Hi, no idea. I had the same problem with my no. 39. I added a secondhand PS audio P300 powerplant, which is designed to convert 220v/50hz into 110v/60hz. Arguably, that 900 usd plus (including post and custom) even further evelated the sonic might of the no 39. At least according to those who are running European version of no 39 directly (without power plant).
Even when you figure out how to set the jumpers, you will probably have to replace the chip inside the ML anyway - at least that is what Polish ML distributor told me. This is a ML anti-export protection.

The same system is used in Krell products.

I bought a P-300 Power Plant as well to power my US-spec Theta CDT/DAC combo. Couldn't be happier.