Mark Levinson No. 33H amp. with Thiel CS7.2 speake

I am currently running the 7.2's with a Mark levinson No. 333 amp.

I am thinking of purchasing a used pair of of Mark Levinson Monoblocks, either the 33H's or the 33's.

I am looking for advice on whether the 33H's will provide adequate power to the Thiels or should I spring for the 33's.
A friend of mine ran his 7.0's with a 334 successfully. I am not sure if the 7.2's are harder to drive than the 7.0's??? I would think either one of the 33's would be enough unless you have a HUGE room and listen at high db's.
Perhaps you might want to search the archives here on Audiogon re: ML's customer service before purchasing any more of their gear?
And I guess you own or have owned Krell?
Samzx12, I'm not sure who your question was directed to, but, I don't own and have not owned Krell.
Unsound is right. Not sure how well ML covers their newer gear, but since their takeover by HKI, their older products have not been serviced sufficiently. Especially their 300 series amps. the 300 series amps have had serious problems with capacitors. Not sure how reliable over the long haul the 33 series are, but the 300 series have a big red flag attached to them.
I ran some Thiel CS5i's for years on a 336, and it was very very nice! Right now I own the 33H's and I would have no problem using them on any Thiels. Of course the 336 is rated at 300watts and the 33H is rated at 150 watts, but I would not let the numbers scare you!