Mark Levinson no. 335 vs 532H purchase

I’m looking at buying a used Levinson amp to go with a recently acquired 380s preamp and 360s dac. Both the 335 and 532H have had a recent recap. Not set on speakers yet. Possibly a pair of Wilson w/p 7 or maybe Sophia 3 or maybe something completely different all together. Anyone who has owned or has a fair amount of experience with both amps please chime in with your opinions. Thanks! 



I'm in lisbon- PORTUGAL

I have an ML335 for 20 years

excellent power the ML335, you won't find better for a low price

never done any overhauls or repairs

will carry out a revision in 2023 just because of age, change 4 capacitors 51000-160V and another 4 capacitors 1900-250V

and more 8- 68uf-60VDC

plus 20 resistors and two Ships LT1097CN8PBF

all this indicated by the manufacturer/dealer Harman Kardon

I think I helped