Mark Levinson No.32 vs Mbl 6010d vs Bat Rex?

What is the best matching pre for my ML 33s?
I'm now using the Boulder 1010 which is very good but I want more dynamic, impact without loosing transparency, musicality and body.
Speakers are Nearfield Acoustic Pipedreams 18.
I don't know how it compares to the MBL or BAT linestage, but, I own a Ref No. 32 preamp. To me, it is a somewhat dull and lifeless sounding preamp compared to my current tube linestage. I tend to think the same way about ML amps -- they are on the "darker" side as well. I am sure the sound complements certain systems, so I certainly won't say it is bad sounding at all, it just doesn't quite fit my current system. I've kept it (its on loan to a friend) because it is VERY versatile, flexible, and ergonomically great (on par with the BAT and Boulder gear in those terms). On the other hand, gear from the same manufacturer is more likely to develop some positive synergy, so you may want to at least give it a try.

In other words, it would not be my first choice for adding a bit more life to the sound.
That'''s very helpful, Larry. The main reason I put the no.32 on the list is their very fine ergonomics and conveniences. I also found the no. 33 a little dull or may I say "polite" but I think I solved that problem now by replacing all the caps with Blackgate caps throughout as well as the op-amps.
Now any body can tell me about he BAT REX vs MBL 6010d?
I have past experience with the Ref 32 feeding Atma-sphere MA2's and Wilson speakers, and I have recent experience (still use) with the MBL 6010D feeding Atma-spheres and Pipedream speakers. The 6010D has tremendous flexibity (even more than the Ref 32) and I beleive it has a rare ability to be detailed, neutral, dynamic and musical all at the same time. The 6010D took over a year to settle in - it was not particularily special prior to that. I believe many of the people that have passed on the 6010D did not let it break-in fully.
Thank you very much for your sharing. What did the MBL sound like without the proper break in? Did it sound bright or anything?
Anybody could comment on the BAT REX especially the bass region?
The MBL is not bright even on break-in - it is full and dynmamic from the start - just sounds perhaps a bit slow compared to an Atma-sphere MP1 for example. After complete break-in it becomes rare as I mentioned above.
BAT Rex has very strong & powerful bass. That is its strong suit. Extremely dynamic and detailed. I compared it to the VTL 7.5 mk 2 which I ultimately preferred in my system. I found the highs to be smoother and the stage width to be wider (at the slight loss of depth) and the dynamics to be more realistic (actually less dynamic, but I felt the Rex to be "hyper dynamic"). I never did try the switch inside as preferred by some reviewers. My bias is for very smooth highs and detailed bass that is agile but without bloat.
Thanks Dgad for your kind opinion. I have finally decided on the Bat Rex due to a very good deal and the unit is 220v version which I need. If you say the Rex is hyper dynamic that's also good for me since my present pre, the Boulder 1010 is lacking. The VTL 7.5 mkII is also interesting but it's very hard to find and the used price much higher than Bat.
Dgad, I just clicked in to look at your system and it's awesome. Congratulations.

I hope you enjoy. A very different type of preamp w. the separate positive and negative power supplies. Let me know your experience after you have it set up.