Mark Levinson No 25S: still holds its own?

I am thinking of upgrading my phono stage and have the opportunity to buy a second hand Mark Levinson No 25S. I know it is highly regarded but is it as good as some of the newer phono stages - Whest PS.30R for instance.

Any feedback very much appreciated.
I can't praise this phono pre highly enough. I don't know what you're paying, because at some point you could probably do as well getting something else.

Including the separate power supply, they were $4400 back in 1995, which is at least $6500 today. I think $3000 would be a great price for one w/ the power supply. They did make the later ones with RCA connectors instead of those pesky Camac connectors. And make sure whether you're getting/wanting a hi-gain or lo-gain unit, because they cannot be interchanged.

Even at $4000, you'd be hard pressed finding a contemporary unit with the gain, quietness, and flexibility of the 25s. The plain 25 is a different animal, and could be a good buy as a starter unit.
Thanks for the response.

I "took a chance" and did buy the 25S and power supply.

I have not compared it to other phono amps but I have been amazed by the difference it has made to my system. It has taken the vinyl playback into a different league.

Paul, don't worry, you'll probably never part with it! I'd have to get a lot of money to sell mine. What kind of cartridge are you using, I might be able to help you with loading tips if you like.