Mark. Levinson New Pre-amp

Here is a link for a new product i just saw when tooling around the Levinson Website: A new Pre-Amp

I would imagine this means the end of the 38X series of pre-amps.

Now maybe i can afford to pick up a used one afer the prices Tumble. Am i right in assuming that there are no upgrade paths/trade ins.
That is actually an update of a current product, the No. 32 Reference preamp. It sits above the No. 38 series, so I would imagine that would continue.
the 320S is not an upgrade of the 32 as it lists for 7995 -- too close in price to the 380S for both to go on existing, especially given the re-organization
My apologies, I misread. However I still see reference to the No. 38 series, perhaps it will be in between 38 and 32.
I spoke with my dealer who confirmed that the 380 and 380S are both being discontinued with the introduction of the 320S. The 320s is expected to begin shipping early to mid 2004.

I would expect that good deals will be had on used 380 and 380S' once the 320S is introduced.
Last I checked under preamp on the Levinson site, the 380 is gone, and given what's happening with them, this economy, and come to think of it, all the good used stuff on this board, I don't think it's coming back. Very interesting. Always wanted a 380S, now I may actually be able to get one cheap(er).
Just noticed Monday that on Mark L's www site they have moved into their Legacy Products support category: No. 31.5, No. 37, No. 30.6 and No. 360S as well. No 33 Amps as well

Did the dealer mention anything to replace those?