mark levinson model 39 cd player CODE question.

Hi Guys ... Just bought a ML model 39 cd player from the states and when I plug it in here in Australia ,it comes up with
the following info on the screen . ID=0495 ... can anybody help. I live in
Australia and I have connected the player to a 110 volt step down .

From what I read from here and other audio forums, Levinson equipment check the input voltage and if the voltage is not what it is supposed to be, they refuse to work. In your case the CD player should be set to 120V/60Hz for use in the US, but your have 240V/50Hz in Australia, right ? The step down transformer merely reduces the voltage but does not alter the frequency. I would suggest you to contact Madrigal. You probably need to send it to an authorized dealer (or back to the US factory) to have the voltage adjusted.
am also in aussie and was wondering how you went with the frequency problem....Ive contacted a few people about this in Sydney and the response is that frequency wise the product needs to be 50-60 hz compatible as apparently many products are today or your up for big big bucks for a frequency converter....appreciate knowing how you went aussies need each other down here to avoid mortgaging our houses for our hobbies