Mark Levinson ML7 auction

I asked the seller and he confirmed that he can ship it to oversea. I won the auction about 10 days ago , met the reserve price but the seller did not send me the shipping cost to complete the deal. Subsequently I saw the same seller putting his ML7 to another Audiogon auction Which will be ended by tomorrow. I asked the seller but he did not reply. I reported to Audiogon and I have not received anything from them. I still want to buy this ML7. What can I do? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
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I'd walk away from  this seller.
I agree with cleeds. This is a relatively rare and expensive piece. Do you really want to do business with someone that said he would ship and then won't answer your questions?
Are you sure that you won it? Just because you met the reserve price does not mean that you have won it. If you really want it you should place another bid (minimum & maximum) and see what happens!
The seller must have had a change of heart. The ad was amended on 5/08/17 and now states specifically “USA sales only.”

Yes I believe I won it because this item has been included in my folders "you won the auction" and "you bought the item".
@cleeds and

It appears that the seller is a famous hifi reviewer so I thought he is reliable based on his public image.

My major concerns are whether the seller has broken the rules and why Audiogon did not response to my complain/ report.
Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get it. You can get a much better preamp than an over 35 year old one !
Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get it. You can get a much better preamp than an over 35 year old one !
For $1795?  That being the current high bid on the aforesaid reviewer/seller's second iteration of the auction.  Well, perhaps you can, but I don't doubt that the ML-7 would be competitive at the very least.

Early Mark Levinson gear is classic, and I can say as a former long-time user of an even older ML-1 that those pieces fetch prices in the thousands of dollars for more reasons than their pretty appearance.  And having used the ML-1's phono stage until just a couple of years ago when I replaced it with a Herron VTPH-2, I have no doubts about the following statement in the seller's listing:
I have used this preamplifier for years reviewing for Stereophile, and have not found any pre-amplifiers that had a better phono stage -- until now. The Mark Levinson No.526's phono stage is quieter and more transparent, but at a much higher price.
Blundell, best of luck in addressing the issue.
-- Al