Mark Levinson ML436

Hi All,

Has anyone use a pair of ML 436 with Parasound JC2 preamp?
I believe John Curr designed the Mark Levinson JC2 in the old day. Hence, I guess the ML 436 may be a good match with the Parasound JC2. I'm running them with Kef 205/2.
Do you have any recommendation on other power amps (monos) which may run well with the Parasound JC2?
I like the tube warm like sound but don't want to down the tube path!

Thank you all
Anyone out there has used the Mark Levinson ML436 mono blocks!
Can you please give me your feeling about them?

I owned the ML436 mono blocks for many years. They have the classic Mark Levinson house sound. Presuming you like sonics, the only concern about Levinson is service. They no longer do repairs in house. Search Audiogon and other blogs and you will find a few troubling stories. Not to say this happens to everyone, but I think this has happened enough to warrant concern.
Thanks jazdoc
Is it possible to describe the ml436 sonic e.g similar to
parasound gears?
Did your ml436 give you any trouble?
I search google but found few pages on ML problems
I'm getting a pair ml436 dated sept07. Do you if ml qc has
imrpoved during this period?
Can other member tell me if their ml gears have given them
Yes i had a problem with my ML 431 which i owned for 5 years , it could easily have been rissen because i had a melted head fuse (not correctly placed by the electricity company) which gave me serious voltage fluctuations .
The dutch importer / Mark levinson handled it professionally and replaced a complete section with a new one (guarantee period), besides from that it was absolutely fussfree and a pleasure to operate and i still mis those fronts and red standby lights , just look inside one , the build quality is formidable , i only heard of the earlier 3 series that they sometimes had to have their powersupply caps renewed.
I will probably buy back some 436 amps one day, to me it is still the /one of the nicest SS i ve heard ,despite all the newcomers on the market
Primare cd31,

I wouldn't characterize the problems as a QC issue. Rather, if you should actually need service, then things can get a little dicey.

I haven't heard enough of the Parasound gear to make a good comparison with Levinson (or anything else for that matter).